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5 Easy Romance Couple Printable Character Sheets

I’ve got five free printable character sheets for you today! Keep reading/scrolling to find them and their download links!

I was working on a new book with my co-author this past week and I was filling in a generic Google Doc with character information.

It wasn’t going well.

I needed to describe the guy without using lots of words.

I needed it to be short and graphic. I wanted it to be printable so that I could write on it. (I work better with paper and pencil. I know I can’t be the only one…)

I closed the Google Doc and went off to do something else to let my brain simmer on the characters a little bit.

Later that night when I was snuggling in bed with my cat I had an idea for a new character sheet. It had all the things I was looking for, I just needed to create it!

And today I’m going to give these printable character sheets to you for free!

Printable Character Sheets: Male Female Couple

couple printable character sheet
Want this free printable character sheet? Click here!

Printable Character Sheets: Female Female Couple

couple printable character sheet
Want this free printable character sheet? Click here!

Printable Character Sheets: Male Male Couple

couple printable character sheet
Want the M/M couple freebie? Click here!

Printable Character Sheets: Female Bio Sheet

couple printable character sheet
Get this female character sheet here!

Printable Character Sheets: Male Bio Sheet

couple printable character sheet
To get the male bio sheet click here!

Did you find these character sheets helpful? Do you want more content like this? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or you can email me directly!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! If you’re in the writing mood and haven’t already checked out my brand new book The Kdrama Cure then you might be missing out!

Here is what other authors are saying:

Love kdramas? Love writing love but your romance is falling flat? Then this is for you!

This is a good sort of craft book for romance but not for your story beats or outlines if that’s what you’re looking for this is more like the nuts and bolts of relationships like the touching and you know looking at each other or subtle cues that tell your readers that these two people are falling in love whether it’s huge characters strange qurks or secrets to their favorite dating spot or their favorite food this really gives you an inside look on how to make a flat romance more of a 3-D one LOL I absolutely loved it too was a very easy read and I knew all the kdrama so I was able to understand all her references really easily and the outline at the end was a huge help!

This book was useful in terms of building well rounded characters. Characters that not only have motives and wounds… but fears, hobbies, secrets, and well rounded family members/friends. This book gave plenty of examples using popular Kdramas.

A great book!
I totally recommend it to any romance writers. It will give you a new way to look at your craft and to build your characters and romance arcs.
I have started a new story and applying the advice from this book and it has helped me to plan the outline of my next romance more easily than usual. It looks me 3 days to plan the volume 1 of my 2 books series. Normally, it takes me around two weeks to be able to “see” the story in my mind.
It definitely gives me the missing clue in my writing process.

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