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Kdrama Kiss Goblin Recap and Analysis Episode 11

We are almost done with this Kdrama! if you missed the analysis for the majority of the season and you want to start over you can find that here

Let’s get to it!

Why does the Goblin choose to keep his memories? Goblin gives away his motivation and he tells her that the reason why he wanted to be human was so that he wouldn’t be alone. He said this is the first time in a hundred and sixty years that he’s ever liked someone and not been alone. While he feels bad emotions because of her he’s also happy. And he never wants to forget that. And even if he’s alone for the rest of Eternity as long as he has the memories of her that’s enough for him, because the memories with her are so precious. 

Our heroine tells him that thinking about him living forever was just memories of her is pretty darn pressing and she hopes that he’ll be at home in an hour when she gets there. 

Goblin goes home and starts erasing the Whiteboard that had their project on it. And he realizes that every single one of the times that he kissed someone she was there during the kiss or very shortly after it. Each of those kisses was intertwined with her in some way. So even though they weren’t shared with her they were still shared with her. 

She comes home and expects that he won’t be there but he is there watching TV in the dark. She goes to him and hugs him and she says don’t leave me and then… she wakes up!

She tries to pretend she’s okay, but she mourns him. 

The friend brings her a piece of cake because she looks so sad. He asks if she got dumped and reminds her that he said that guy was no good for her. She asked if he still likes her and he says no because she’s not interested in him and she said that from the first day that she met him she knew she would never date him because she didn’t want to ever lose him as a friend. 

The Goblin is having a heart-to-heart with the Goblin Queen and he asked her if she regrets her decision because he’s decided to go back to the Goblin World.  She shares with him that she wished she could commit suicide and that even if they didn’t meet in this life perhaps they could have met in the next life or the one after that but starting that journey to become human all those emotions stayed with her and she couldn’t undo them and it was hard for her. The Goblin said she probably made the right choice because there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet the same person in any Lifetime and she tells him about the human world word called fate. (hope restored?)

The heroine is faced with the Exorcist who has come to tell her that he’s so ashamed that the Goblin didn’t die. And he tells her his plan which is to torture her until she almost dies because then the goblin will come looking for her and he can kill the Goblin. He grabs her by the throat (and that’s the hook!) 


This episode was all about the break-up. How are these two dealing with it? Yeon Ah, our heroine, is extremely sad and heartbroken meanwhile you can see the anguish on the Goblin’s face as he erased away the white board, reliving all of those memories one by one featuring Yeon Ah.

The writers have effectively torn our couple apart, but! we now need to get them back together. Enter our two side characters: The Goblin Queen, who gives the Goblin a thread of hope that he might find Yeon Ah even if he chooses to be human because of something called fate. And the Exorcist who is still determined to kill the Goblin by baiting him with Yeon Ah’s life.

Ending the episode here with Yeon Ah’s life in danger was an excellent hook. Will the Goblin come for her? Will she die instead? We know the Goblin will come for her but we as humans are curious and so we want to know for sure.

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