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There’s been so much craziness in my life recently that I just can’t even begin to know where to start. But I’ll give you the short of it all in case you’re interested in knowing. 🙂

In April my husband got himself a new job in another state. It took us a couple of months but in early June the rest of us found a new home and moved right on in. What should have been a happy time has turned into a nightmare. The previous owners did not take care of their property and left us with a horribly leaking roof and lots of rotten wood.

Yes, that pink stuff is the OUTSIDE insulation for the house. And if you look really close you can see a HOLE to the outside!
Right above this gutted area are the rotten rafters. And in that corner was another horrible leak.
Right behind that ladder is the second worst of it. The leak was really bad in that corner.

My husband is trying his best to take all of this in stride but, I suspect, he’s feeling extremely guilty moving us away from our friends and our wonderful Georgia house to move us here where it has been nothing but mess after mess.

We’re living in the country now…kind of. But the rules are much more relaxed than in our HOA community. And our county says we can have up to six hens on our property. My husband thinks they will bring him joy and my girls are so excited about the prospects so…we’re fixing to get ourselves some chickens! Their coop is in the backyard just waiting for them.

The Cole Coop

Within the next week or so, before I head of to the Romance Writer’s of America annual conference, I’ll be posting pictures of our new ladies. I’m asking my lovely readers for help in naming them.

I’ll be looking for a theme to go with the names, so put your thinking caps on.

I hope everyone in your life is happy and healthy.

Until next post…


Marie Cole is an Amazon Bestselling Author who lives in Georgia, near Dawg-country, with her husband, daughters and two lazy cats.

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