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Survey Results August 2017

Thank you to everyone who responded to my little survey! I’m struggling to figure out which direction I want to go next with a new series. You all have given me a lot to think about! I love how diverse my readership is and I look forward to getting to know you all more as the years go on! If you haven’t signed up to beta read Secret Friends (it’s almost ready!!!) you can do so by clicking here. I hope you enjoy reading the responses as much as I did! Without further delay… the results!

Q1: What do you want to see *more* of in your romance books?

  • Erotic sexual romance
  • a real story
  • cute & cuddly moments
  • characterization like describing each character and going in depth with each and their struggles until the two main characters meet
  • more sex
  • story you can relate to
  • how a relationship truly grows, None of the love-at-first-sight stuff
  • comedy
  • Details. Connection to characters. I “little” action, i.e. car chance, an ex tring to get him in jail so she can be there and not the other girl who he now loves.
  • more love
  • millionaire romance novels
  • the history
  • intrigue
  • character depth
  • more male virgins
  • suspense
  • hero verbally expressing their feelings towards the heroine
  • m/m
  • respect for women; friendships between women.
  • Respect for the other persons feeling
  • monogamy
  • More intricate well thought out stories
  • longer stories
  • monogomy
  • humor
  • actual friendships
  • drama
  • billionaire women falling in love with ordinary men
  • military
  • cowboys

Q2: What do you want to see *less* of in your romance books?

  • Unexplained insta-lust (insta-love is OK)
  • hostility
  • to much sex and not enough just plain love
  • Bdsm and dark romance
  • bonus books. not having to download an “extra chapter” because they don’t know how to “update” for kindle or other devices.
  • Less real life
  • Love triangles
  • Stories you know never happen really
  • Talking and scene changes
  • Some plot details that although might enhance the reading experience could detract them too so it’s important to pick correct ones.
  • Down and Dirty, Overly Descriptive Sex.
  • words just to bring on sex scenes
  • Nothing (2 respondents)


Q3: Do you want the love and action to happen right away or have a build up?

  • Build Up (11 votes)
  • Right Away (2 votes)
  • Depends (8 votes)


Q4: What setting would you like to see more of in the romance genre?

  • Coffee shops and art galleries.
  • bedroom
  • jungle
  • city
  • small town
  • sunset/tropical/beach/boats/airplanes
  • futuristic & space
  • ordinary, real life settings

Q5: What sub-genre of romance do you read the most?

  • rockstar/movie star/series
  • rom com
  • no preference (8 responses)
  • scottish historical
  • historical
  • contemporary (4 responses)
  • paranormal (3 responses)
  • mystery
  • regency
  • scifi

Q6: Do you want your romances to be realistic with real life situations and outcomes or do you want a fantasy scenario that helps you escape?

  • realistic (7)
  • realistic fantasies (2)
  • both (9)

Q7: How do you feel about multiple point of views?

  • I’m good with them (16)
  • hate them! (4)
    *note: A lot of you said that they can get confusing when they are done with too many characters. And one person noted that they don’t mind multiple POV but only prefer 3rd person writing*

Q8: What scenarios or themes do you want to see more of?

  • I enjoy all scenarios or themes
  • Love more struggling through long distance. skype dates and working with not being with your significant other 24/7
  • Scenes where you feel it could happen
  • community based
  • nurse falling for someone who just got out of a coma.
  • friends to lovers
  • more chasing from the hero
  • mystery
  • military sports, or really anything
  • hate to love
  • detective work
  • Lost loves, forbidden love, people forced apart by outside interferences and brought back together after numerous years…true love reunited..soulmates being fiored apart.
  • dragons, fairies, vampires
  • office romance, best friend’s little sister.
  • Office romance
  • Life struggles. A couple making it
  • I like friends to lovers scenario and I like damsel-in-distress who turns out to be a kick ass heroine
  • No response/No Preference


Q9: Do you prefer more dialogue or more descriptions?

  • Descriptions (4)
  • Dialogue (8)
  • No preference/Love lots of both (10)

What do you think? What burning questions should I survey from readers next time? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Marie Cole is an Amazon Bestselling Author who lives in Georgia, near Dawg-country, with her husband, daughters and two lazy cats.

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