The Best Romance and Erotica Amazon Keywords

You probably clicked on this link on your search engine because you’re trying to find the best seven Amazon keywords for your book. Well, unfortunately, the answer to your question is not a cut and dry answer.

The best Amazon keywords for romance and erotica are really dependent on THREE things… 1) Your Book 2) The Competition 3) Your Imagination

As a self-published author, I have performed a handful of Amazon keyword searches and written down hundreds of Amazon keyword phrases in order to fill out the metadata required by KDP to publish my books. And I have no doubt that you also have spent numerous hours agonizing over which seven Amazon keywords you should use for your own books…or wish to prevent doing the same painful process described above.

I have created a resource which does help with number 3 on the list above.

So… How Do I Know Which Keywords to Choose?

There are many schools of thought on keywords and how you should use them. Before writing this introduction I went into test mode. And I discovered some things.
1) You should definitely use all available spaces in your seven Amazon keyword boxes.
2) You should not try to use phrase after phrase and do not use commas to seperate them.
3) The order of your keywords does not matter.

What do I mean by that? Let’s use these keywords below that are my keywords for my Viking romance book, To Tame a Viking.

Amazon will use any and all of those words above to list my book. If I type “Viking Romance” into the Kindle Store Search bar: my book will appear. If I type in two words that aren’t close to each other like in my keyword boxes like, “Viking Menage” my book will be in those results as well! Do you see the possibilities here?

Anyway, there it is, the secret sauce.

Remember: Your goal as an author is to be visible. If readers cannot find your book they will not purchase it. Period.

Of course this is only one piece of the puzzle. The other crucial pieces are 1) The book (make it the best you can!), 2) the cover and 3) the blurb.

Being an indie author is like being all departments at the traditional publishing house. For getting your buyers to one-click you’ll have to firmly place your marketing hat on your head.

Want a free master list of keywords as a jumping off point?

Click Romance and Erotica Keywords Master List to receive a free PDF copy.  Want a more detailed list of actual Amazon keyword phrases? Borrow my book from Kindle Unlimited or purchase your copy, Keywords for Romance and Erotica Authors: The Most Extensive Keyword List Currently in Print, today.