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Hallmark Movie Plot – Love Struck Cafe

Another plot deconstruction! Are you ready? This time it's for the new Hallmark Movie Love Struck Cafe.

Beginning: Megan is offered a promotion if she can get the last person in Sapphire Lake to sell her house so that the area around the lake can be developed into a huge business complex.

First Twist:  Megan receives a call about her father being in the hospital and when she arrives she discovers that he cannot care for his business because of his injury and therefore she must step in AS WELL AS try to get Mrs. F to sell her house.


Plot One: Getting Mrs. F To Sell
First no (Megan drops in out of the blue. Does not go well)
Second no (Megan bring Joe with her. Mrs. F loves Joe. They have lunch but its still a no)
Third no (Megan brings her freshly picked apples, Joe tells them they are Mrs. F's favorite, and they chat but's a no)

Plot Two: Romance between Joe and Megan
Meet Cute: She is reminiscing and runs into the back of his pickup truck with her car.
She meets his daughter and builds a relationship with her which Joe ultimately asks her to shut down because she'll be leaving town.
Megan pulls away from Joe to respect his wishes.

Last Twist

Crisis: Megan's deadline is about to run out and she has not met her goal. She returns to the cafe and Joe is there trying to rekindle their relationship and then Megan's boyfriend (who she has been keeping at arms length their whole relationship) comes into the cafe and proposes to her. Joe runs away.

Regroup: Megan breaks things off with her boyfriend. She sees some old drawings she made for her mom and the slogan her mother used to use sparks an idea in Megan. She stays up all night concocting her new plan.

Climax: Megan's deadline is up and when she shows up at Mrs. F's house her boss is there trying to get Mrs. F to sign. Before she can Megan pulls out her new plan. Mrs. F and her boss love it. Megan gets her promotion.

Denouement: Megan left a note for Joe in their tree. She will be staying in town to oversee the huge long project. Joe finds the note and kisses Megan. HFN.

And there you have it!

What did you think? Did I nail it?

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Happy Wednesday!

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