Bonus – Elly & Kent’s Epilogue


“Kent, you’re going to have to let go of me sometime, you know.” I stared up at my new husband who had refused to let go of my hand since we joined them legally several hours ago.

“Says who?” His lips pressed against mine. My knees quivered slightly but I had other matters to take care of.

“The baby. The baby is saying, ‘Mommy has to go potty whether it’s on the toilet or not.'” I pried his hand from mine and winked at him, “I won’t run away, I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Mrs. Lytle.”

I pointed at him as I made my escape, “It’s Mrs. Palmer-Lytle.”

He grinned and rolled his eyes before I turned my attention to the task at hand.

When I came back from the bathroom the guys had arrived to set up the band for the reception that we were having in Kent’s mother’s backyard.

“Dude, I cannot believe you bagged, Els. I never thought she’d get knocked up, let alone married. I mean I always thought she’d get knocked up, just by me, not some pretty boy like you.”

James was being his normal self and I punched his arm to let him know he couldn’t talk shit to my husband anymore.


He turned his charming smile on me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, giving me a friendly squeeze. “Hey, baby, I was just telling your husband how fucking lucky he is.”

“So I heard. So how exactly were you planning on knocking me up?”

He sighed, tucked his head and shook it, “Babe. There is this thing, its called sexual intercourse…” I heard Kent chuckle but kept my attention on James, my eyes wide as if he were telling me something new.


He narrowed his eyes at me, “You know what it is. You’ve obviously done it before!” He motioned to my stomach which had been protruding for a couple of months now.

“No, please, I want to hear. Sex talk turns me on.” I reached up and played with James’s earlobe.

He grumbled and pulled my hand away, “Don’t be a tease now, Els. You’re married. And that guy will kick my ass.” He pointed to Kent who was nodding his agreement.

I chuckled and made my way to Kent, wrapping my arms around his middle, pressing my ear to his chest. “He’s harmless. Mostly.”

He snorted, “Not when it comes to you.” He put his hand protectively on my stomach.

“Are you talking about me or the baby?”

“Both.” He and James said it at the same time.

Before I could respond Rio approached and held his hand out to Kent, who shook it with vigor.

“Congratulations to both of you.” Rio winked at me when his gaze finally met mine.

I squeezed Kent a little tighter, claiming him as mine. Rio smiled. “So are we having a boy or a girl? I need to know what color band onesie to get the squirt.”

I looked up at Kent and he nodded to me. I looked between Rio and James. “It’s a girl.”

James shook his head, “Damn, dude, living in a house with two chicks? That’s gonna suck in sixteen years or so.”

I looked up and Kent was smiling down at me, “Not in the slightest. I’m going to be the happiest man in the world.”

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